Frank Pyke Achievement Scholarship

About this scholarship

The Frank Pyke Achievement Scholarship provides a 25% contribution towards total course fees for students studying the Diploma of Business Administration at IIBT’s Perth Campus. The scholarship is open to all individuals living in Western Australia.

The Frank Pyke Achievement Scholarship is designed to reward and assist students who have demonstrated social, sporting, or community contribution through their high school / work or other studies. Scholarships will be awarded in every intake period of the Diploma of Business Administration. There is one Scholarship available to students from each WA high school and up to two scholarships per intake available for mature aged applicants. The Scholarship Selection Committee determines each intake the total number of scholarships that will be offered and who the scholarship winners will be. Their decision is final.

The Diploma of Business Administration is a Higher Education qualification equivalent to the first year of a Bachelor of Business Degree. Graduates receive a qualification at the end of their study and guaranteed direct entry into second year at one of IIBTs Partner Universities.

Who is Frank Pyke?

Frank Sherman Pyke is one of Australia’s leading Sport Scientists, educator , author and Australian rules footballer. A man of many talents he took part in over 135 football matches and served as a professor at a number of universities across Australia, Canada and the United States of America. He was a pioneer for sport science and went on to create the Athlete Career and Education Program at the Victoria Institute of Sport.

Pyke graduated with a PhD in exercise physiology and human performance from the Indiana University. He went on to teach in the United States then returned and accepted a position lecturing at the University of Western Australia in the Department of Physical education and Recreation in 1972. Pyke has been awarded for his excellence in the field of physical education and was awarded the 2010 Mobley International Distinguished Alumni Award by Indiana University.

Student type: Future Students
Course: Diploma of Business Administration
Specifically for: Year twelve students. Mature aged students.
Gender: Both


  • Australian Permanent Resident
  • Permanent Humanitarian Visa
  • Australian Citizen
  • New Zealand Citizen

Candidates must meet ALL of the following criteria to be considered for a Frank Pyke Achievement Scholarship:

  • Be a current year 12 student and be nominated by the high school principle in the form of a letter as have having achieved social, sporting or community achievements during the students time at that school or
  • Be a mature aged person (20 years or over) endorsed by their place of work, Local Council or VET course provider in the form of a letter as having achieved academic, work based and / or social achievements during time at that school / workplace
  • Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or the holder of an Australian Permanent Humanitarian or Permanent Resident visa

Unless there are exceptional circumstances such as, but not limited, to medical or family reasons, students must meet ALL of the following:

  • Remain enrolled in initial course of study
  • Remain enrolled in a full or part time study load at IIBT


If a recipient intends to do any of the following they must also apply in writing to the Scholarships Office for approval BEFORE the change.

Change of course: this scholarship is only applicable for the Diploma of Business Administration and can-not be transferred to other courses.

Leave of absence: Leave of absence is not permitted.

Withdrawal or Terminated from units or course: A student who withdraws from their units or course of study, or has been terminated from studies will become ineligible for continuation of the scholarship, will not receive any further payments and will be required to repay to IIBT the stipend awarded for that study period if applicable.

In accepting an award the recipient of a Frank Pyke Scholarship must agree to:

  • Maintain satisfactory progress in their studies;
  • Provide a brief progress report to the Academic Board at the end of each semester / term;
  • Participate in career and course advice activities;
  • Act as an ambassador for the Frank Pyke Scholarship Scheme.

Applicants must meet ALL of the following criteria to be considered for the Frank Pyke Achievement Scholarships:

  • Be able to demonstrate commitment to their school and community
  • Be an Australian citizen, or the holder of an Australian Permanent Humanitarian visa, New Zealand citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Apply for enrolment in the IIBT Diploma of Business Administration.

Scholarships will be awarded by the IIBT Academic Board to one applicant per WA high school and up to two work-based / VET applicants per intake period. To be eligible applicants must complete the application form and submit it, along with any required documentation prior to the close date.

An applicant must submit a completed application form with supporting documents attached by 4:00pm on the scholarship closing date to the Scholarships Office at the Vic Park campus.  Please contact the school to find out the closing date for the next academic year.

Incomplete Applications or applications missing documentation will not be assessed.

Applications will be assessed by a selection panel using the following criteria:

  • Responses to questions in application
    The scholarship(s) will be awarded if there are candidates of sufficient merit.
  • Year 12 students must be nominated by their high school principal and mature age students must be nominated by a professional who is familiar with their academic potential.
  • The high school principle, or a professional educator if the nominee is a mature age student, must submit a completed nomination form and all supporting documents by 4:00pm on the scholarship closing date, to the Scholarships Office at the Victoria Park Campus

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application via an official letter sent to their home address within 2-4 weeks of the closing date.

In order to accept the scholarship, a recipient will be requested to return signed acceptance documents.

Deferral of this scholarship is NOT permitted.
Once the scholarship has been accepted, the scholarship will commence from the semester of award. This scholarship is not transferable to another course, campus or university.

Applications should be sent to:

IIBT Scholarships Office
PO Box 819
Victoria Park
Perth WA 6979

Need more information?

  • Enquiries: Scholarships Office
  • Email:
  • Telephone: (08) 6180 2188
  • Fax: (08) 9355 5781


For advice on your Centrelink payments and how your scholarship could affect your payment please see or contact a Centrelink Office.

If you require a letter about your scholarship for Centrelink, please contact the Scholarships Office.


  • Generally scholarship money paid to full-time students is not treated as taxable income, but if your study load is less than 75 credits (part-time) your scholarship money is not tax exempt. Other than the full-time study requirement, the general rule is that scholarships are exempt from taxation unless:
  • it is a condition of the scholarship that a recipient is required to undertake activities that are of use, help or benefit to the scholarship provider – then the student is rendering a service by agreeing to undertake those activities;
    during or upon completion of the degree for which the scholarship is awarded a candidate is required to become, or shall continue to be, an employee of the funding body; or
  • an award is received by a student where the scholarship is not provided principally for educational purposes.

The Australian Tax Office has a tool to help you determine if your scholarship is taxable.  For expert advice please contact the Australian Taxation Office or your accountant when completing your annual Tax Return.

If a letter regarding your scholarship is required for taxation purposes, please contact the Scholarships Office.