Student work experience programs

Student work experience programs

Students studying at IIBT may be required to attend a workplace to gain meaningful and practical work skills.

Workplace learning provides students with an opportunity to experience a real working environment which enhances their understanding of their studies.

IIBT works together with students, their school and industry to place students in an environment where they can develop and improve their skills in preparation for transition from school to work. Workplace learning helps students decide if a particular industry or job is right for them.

Students chosen for a workplace opportunity will be given a Workplace Learning Logbook to complete during their work placement. They will have a list of tasks that relate directly to their vocational studies which they will need to complete. Most work placements are between 5-10 days.

During and after work placement, the student is required to respond to questions based on the Core Skills for Work Developmental Framework. These are part of the Workplace Learning Logbook.