IIBT is a multi-sector education and training provider which distinguishes itself through a strong focus on international education combined with university pathways and partnerships. IIBT is located in three Australian cities: Perth, Sydney and Brisbane, and offers Higher Education, VET and English Language Programs.

This strategic plan (2020-2024) presents the vision, mission and values that direct all IIBT operations and behaviour. The vision, mission and values are underpinned by four strategic key areas, namely Learning and Teaching Excellence, Students Engagement and Experience, Financial Viability and Sustainability and Governance and Operational Excellence. Although these strategic key areas are presented as separate entities of the purpose of this strategic plan, in the practical situation they are all interlinked and interrelated. Each of the strategic key areas are realised through strategic goals and monitored through broad key performance indicators. This strategic plan highlights the longer-term strategic direction and goals and will be revised annually if needed to capture and reflect changing circumstances at IIBT, locally, nationally and internationally.


IIBT is a leading private education and training provider both nationally and internationally offering quality educational opportunities.



To provide purposeful academic programs for students to enter higher education, the workplace or academia.



IIBT embodies the values of honesty, transparency, collegiality, merit, equity and accountability.


The mission, vision and values are underpinned by four strategic areas, namely:

  • Learning and Teaching Excellence
  • Student Engagement and Experience
  • Financial Viability and Sustainability
  • Governance and Operational Excellence