Learning and Teaching Excellence


Learning and teaching excellence are intrinsic to the vision and mission of IIBT. The aim for learning and teaching excellence is to educate and train students, and produce graduates, who will contribute economically, culturally and socially to their respective communities. The focus of learning and teaching excellence is to provide an outstanding learning experience for students. The strategic goals stimulate the offering of highly sought-after educational courses, delivered through contemporary educational approaches and technologies.

The current Higher Education course profile includes the Diploma in Business Administration and the Diploma in Information Technology. This will be further developed by applying to TEQSA for accreditation of three graduate diplomas: Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security, Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Graduate Diploma in Business Administration in 2021. In addition, the existing Postgraduate Qualifying Program (PQP) will be restructured to align it with what similar providers are offering.

The course profile of the VET programs includes Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Business Administration and in Information Technology. IIBT aims to strengthen its position as a Higher Education pathway provider. To this end, VET diploma and advanced diploma programs will be phased out in the near future. Only the VET Certificate IV programs, which will articulate into the Higher Education diplomas will be retained.

The current course profile for the English programs includes General English, Academic English III and Academic IV. These might be further expanded if required.

By 2025, IIBT will be offering a range of education and training courses based on contemporary learning and teaching approaches and methods enabling students to achieve optimal outcomes.

Strategic Goals

  • Expand course offerings to stimulate growth and provide flexibility for prospective and current students.
  • Design, develop and deliver high quality, engaging and challenging courses based on best practice examples and in accordance with the different standards of accreditation and endorsement bodies (TEQSA, ASQA, NEAS).
  • Provide high quality governance, leadership, management and a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Provide students with a variety of learning experiences, including technologically up-to-date learning support, opportunities and innovative education approaches to stimulate optimal learning and teaching.
  • Create a supportive and collaborative learning and teaching environment to encourage whole-student development and achievement of maximum individual potential.
  • Promote and support innovative teaching practices that actively engage students, enhance the quality and rigor of assessment practices to improve retention and progression rates.
  • Create a cutting-edge online teaching and learning environment for students.
  • Develop both the physical and online libraries for all the three campuses to create an environment that promotes inquiry at a postgraduate level.