Student Engagement and Experience


Student engagement and experience encapsulate students’ engagement and experience during orientation and subsequent activities related to learning and teaching. Students are provided with support to transition to their selected course(s) of study. These support arrangements create equivalent opportunities for academic success regardless of the students’ backgrounds, are sensitive to the needs of particular cohorts and individual students (including international students and students with special needs). In addition to academic support, students are provided with personal and professional support when needed and have access to mechanisms to effectively resolve grievances.

In an effort to provide a holistic experience to students, on and off campus events and activities are offered in addition to students’ learning and teaching experiences. These activities and experiences (including cultural events, sports and student-focused workshops and seminars) enrich the students’ professional and personal growth and support the achievement of high levels of student satisfaction. The safety and wellbeing of students is promoted at all times.

By 2025, IIBT will be a leader in providing education and training courses with a strong focus on excellent student engagement, experience and achieving positive student success and satisfaction levels.

Strategic Goals

  • Develop programs to support students’ transition into their selected course(s), including orientation and study support.
  • Assess student progress, early detection of students at risk of poor progress and monitor high risk students to support student success through tailored intervention strategies.
  • Develop and implement individualised academic support programs when required to enhance maximum outcomes for each in each individual student.
  • Extend and offer a range of on and off campus activities and events to enhance, enrich and strengthen student engagement experiences.
  • Recommend appropriate referral options for students regarding personal support services to manage non-academic issues.