Student Orientation

Student Orientation

Orientation is an informal and fun half day of activities held before your course commences. During Orientation, you will be given explanations on how IIBT functions and all the necessary information in order to start your journey with IIBT.

IIBT will arrange activities for you to be a part of that will open up opportunities that will:

  • Let you meet other students in your class
  • Show you your lecture rooms
  • Give you the opportunity to meet some of the lecturers
  • Guide you around the campus

Click here to view further information regarding Student Orientation.

The IIBT orientation session is a compulsory day for students to attend and is a vital stepping stone for students to familiarise themselves with the campus, student support, other students and takes the stress out of the first day of classes.

  • Student support
  • Living in Australia
  • Adjusting to change
  • Personal safety
  • Public transport
  • Orientation pack
  • Your timetable
  • Your textbook list
  • Your student handbook
  • A copy of your IIBT offer letter
  • Passport (International students only)
  • Student Visa details (International students only)
  • Your Australian address and contact details